At Churchfields Primary School, we believe that everyone, both children and adults, should always look smart, be dressed appropriately and take a pride in their appearance. ALL Children are expected to wear the school uniform.

When wearing the school uniform, every child will act as an ambassador for our school, demonstrating their right to belong, their respect for themselves, each other and the wider community, and a responsibility to be ready to learn.

School uniform is listed here.


Additional Dress Code


Children may wear watches. If your child does wear earrings they must be studs only and children must be able to remove the earrings themselves in order to take part in a PE lesson.

NB All children must take part in PE lessons, therefore, if your child is unable to remove their earrings you will be expected to come to the school to remove them for them in time for the PE lesson.

Make Up and Nails

Children must not wear make-up, have nails painted or wear false nails.


We are aware that school uniform can be costly and in school we have pre-loved items.  If you are struggling with any aspect of school uniform, please come and see us.  Smart uniform also offer preloved unform items.