Here at Churchfields Primary School we continue to understand the importance of developing our children as scientists by immersing them in a knowledge rich science curriculum. Science offers children the opportunity to increase their overall understanding of how things work. It is imperative in today’s world that the children are equipped scientifically with practical, investigative and analytical skills as they will help children to flourish in preparation for the ‘real life’ world.


All science lessons at Churchfields Primary School are underpinned with our crucial knowledge. This knowledge has been created to allow the children to be able to build and recap on essential learning from our EYFS all the way up to KS2. From our youngest scientists describing the outside using their senses, to our top scientists exploring how evolution has led to the world we live in today; each class maintains a great balance of acquiring the necessary knowledge and maintaining curiosity. 


Amongst the different classes we want our children to have fun during science and keep alive their spark of wondering what may happen next. We do this by allowing the children to ask questions and independently having a go at activities themselves.


As of this year we have been accredited the Primary Science Quality Mark. At Churchfields Primary School this is something we are very proud of as it shows the strong and positive impact, we are making on the children’s learning by developing positive attitudes about science and its value to the children’s lives and globally.




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