As part of our geography learning we have been looking at maps of the UK, locating England and Chesterton. We used maps and an atlas to help us. As a challenge we had to find the name of the country north of England and west of England
As part of our DT learning we have prepared different fruit and created a fruit salad (and eaten it!). We used different tools including knives and peelers


My are really proud of our writing 


We enjoyed dressing up to celebrate World Book Day


The staff dressed up too


We have used primary colours using rolling and printing techniques.  They realised that when they mixed the primary colours it made secondary colours


Children enjoyed the geography lesson learning about the countries in the UK. They worked as a team to solve the UK jigsaw puzzle


During World Book Week, we shared books with the children in 4J


We enjoyed dressing up for World Book Day


We had World Book Week

The staff celebrated too!

Children in 1M have enjoyed creating models and art work based on the Great Fire of London as part of their home learning
Our focus is the Great Fire of London. The children explored colour mixing to create fire! It was very messy but lots of fun!


End of term biscuit decorating


We enjoyed festive fun with our families


Look at this fantastic dinosaur game, created as part of home learning on Toys.


The Key Stage library is now fully set up with books to borrow, a display to celebrate reading and a book review board. Children in years 1 and 2 visit the library at least once a week to borrow a book of their choice. 



Celebrating our learning about world war 


In mathematics today,  we learned counting in twos. In our warm up, we counted pairs of socks!



We tested a range of materials to see which was the best to keep the teddy’s head dry at the teddy bears picnic. The winning material was a plastic bag bonnet!


Year 1 have been ordering and writing instructions


We followed instructions to make a smoothie and then wrote our own too.


Today we painted our own aliens and monsters inspired by the text, ‘The Great Balloon Hullaballoo’.


1M enjoyed going to the library today and our first ever ERIC time: ‘Everyone Reading In Class.’









We are so proud of our home learning


During World Book Week, we enjoyed sharing our books with 3L


The staff celebrated too!


We dressed up to celebrate World Book Day


We had World Book Week


We enjoyed People of the Past Party


Look, even Albert and Vincent visited!


Some children in year 2 have been awarded a Blue Peter music badge in recognition of their commitment to learning a new musical instrument. All children in year 2 are learning to play the ukulele during their music lessons with Mrs Hughes and Mrs Pattison encouraged the children to apply for this prestigious award. Well done children!


Year 2 have enjoyed reading the new book by Julia Donaldson for their Whole Class Reading. The Smeds, who are red , never ever play with the Smoos, who are blue. So what will they do when a young Smed and Smoo fall in love? Read it to find out!


The Key Stage library is now fully set up with books to borrow, a display to celebrate reading and a book review board. Children in years 1 and 2 visit the library at least once a week to borrow a book of their choice. 


Year 2 have created a display showing their wonderful work from their trip to Gladstone Pottery Museum and their learning about Clarice Cliff. 



Painting in the style of Clarice Cliff ready for our trip to a Pottery tomorrow


2M have thoroughly enjoyed this week studying war


This afternoon, 2M investigated which materials are waterproof.  We found out that some materials absorb water but the best material that we tested to keep out water was foil.


2M have started their learning about clothes by making an outfit for their toys.


Our fantastic display of The Great Balloon Hullabaloo!


As part of our learning, we have been using the story The Great Balloon Hullabaloo which tells the story of Simon the Squirrel going into space in a hot air balloon. This week we have written instructions and followed them to make cosmic rock cakes.


Everyone Reading in Class (ERIC) time in 2M.  Last Friday, we visited the library and chose a book to read during our ERIC time.


2M enjoyed their first ukulele lesson!


2M have had a great first week back to school.  We are using ‘The Great Balloon Hullabaloo’ as our first text and have made our own hot air balloons in our technology lesson.


Our 2M classroom is all set up ready for the new academic year to start in September.





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