February 2020

As a school, we are currently in the process of completely overhauling and re-writing our school curriculum.  The one we currently have in place has been thoroughly interesting and has served us well, but now is a decisive time to move on to something more dynamic and ultimately better for our school.

We want to design and deliver a curriculum that is right for the children at our school.  We do not want to adopt a generic scheme that does not match the needs, interests and abilities of our children.

Over the next half term, we will be working closely together to create new and exciting topics and units to ensure that the children are experiencing a knowledge rich, skills based,  vibrant and dynamic curriculum.



January 2020

To begin the term we will join with the rest of the school by having Julia Donaldson as our author focus.  We will share many stories such as The Gruffalo, Room on a Broom, A Squash and A Squeeze, etc.  These stories will be used to develop listening and recall skills.  We will act out different stories and take part in lots of creative activities linked to the characters and scenes.  

Following on from this, our spring unit in nursery is shopping.  Our role play areas will begin with an outdoor café, a supermarket and a dressing up shop where the children will be encouraged to count and use real coins to pay for items.  Social skills and communication skills will also be developed within these areas.  The text, ‘Mr Wolf’s Pancakes’, will be used for story ordering, following instructions, pancake tasting and friendship circle time.  We will think about healthy food and find out about exotic fruit, where it comes from and have a tasting session.  We will also read and discuss ‘The Smartest Giant in Town’.  We will have lots of discussion about being kind to each other and how we can all help each other out when we are in nursery. 

Real bakery items will be used in our class bakery to encourage the children to recognise numerals and write their own price tags.  This also ties in with our takeaway shop with wooly noodles!  We will be celebrating Chinese New Year too with food tasting. 

Back by popular demand will be the Churchfields Hairdressers!  Please feel free to book an appointment with our talented stylists (no refunds sorry!). 

Thank you for your continued support with the reading books sent home.  All of the children are doing really well with their phonics and making us proud each day.  We will soon be starting Jolly Phonics with the children that are ready.  This involves learning a letter sound each week.  Each sound has an action and a song which enables the chidren to recall the shape of the letter as they are learning.    You can support your child by encouraging them to listen to sounds around them, emphasizing the sounds in words and looking at the letters in your child’s name.




November 2019

This term the whole school will begin by looking at the topic of War for the first week.  Our interpretation will be kind hands and how we can be a lovely friend.  We will do lots of activities linked to this and then after that we will be looking at Bears. 

We will begin by having a Teddy Bear’s picnic. The children will help to write invitations, make bunting and plan what they would like to eat and drink. They will then help to make the crackers, jelly and decorate the cakes. We will all bring in our teddy bears and share a lovely picnic all together.

Various texts such as Goldilocks and We’re Going On A Bear Hunt will be used to predict, retell and order stories.  We will be tasting porridge, making bear masks and going on our own barefoot walk linked to the story!

Our role play area will also be used as a space station after reading Whatever Next. The children will find out about the planets and create 3D rockets.  Our home corner will be turned into the three bear’s cottage and a bear cave will be created with bear costumes for role play.  

The children will also use non-fiction books and the internet to find out facts about real bears.  We will also be getting ready for hibernation by creating our own hibernation backpacks and lists of supplies.  

We are excited to announce that we will be having a Christmas song event for parents, which we are very much looking forward to.  We are also looking forward to welcoming parents into the setting for our annual Christmas craft session and hopefully we will be having a special visitor coming into nursery to drop some presents off.

We are very much looking forward to a wonderful half term packed full of activities and fun.







September 2019

In nursery, the children will be learning with their class teachers Mrs Reeve and Mrs Clowes and with support from Mrs Richardson, Mrs Roden, Miss Goodwin and Miss Sanderson.

We are looking forward to welcoming our children for a brilliant year in nursery!   We will begin by looking at journeys and we will think about what journeys the children and adults in the setting have been on.  This will include their journey to school and looking at lots of different types of transport. We will also discover lots of ways that we can make a journey by skipping, running, jumping, tip toeing and marching.

After this, the nursery children will be enjoying our first unit, ‘All About Me’.  Our puppet, Super Sam, will be helping the children to learn the different routines/class rules we have in our sessions.  We will be taking part in activities that encourage social skills between the children in order to help to make friends.  This, in turn, develops confident communicators.  Our excellent purpose built, setting will encourage the children to be confident, happy learners who will begin to make a wonderful start to their school journey.  Daily self-registration will encourage the children to initially recognise their name and then begin to write it.  The children will also be encouraged to be number detectives to find and absorb the numerals that are placed throughout the setting.  Counting will be developed through play and shape or colour recognition will be frequently planned into activities.  Role play areas such as a home corner, superheroes, construction, hairdressers and doctors surgery will be set up to encourage imaginative play and to develop new vocabulary.  Outside, there is a wonderful nature kitchen, construction building site and a lovely wigwam the children can have quiet time in. There is also a logged area where diggers and dinosaurs can be enjoyed. There will always be sand and water play available for the children to explore. The children will be encouraged to use their imaginations and we will always have lots of fun. 

To link with our superhero theme, we will read Supertato and we will find out about how we can all be a good friend to others.  We will share The Owl Babies story to enable us to discuss who is important to us.  Reading Funny Bones stories will enable us to discuss body parts, guide us as we look at x-rays and create our own bones which will then be ‘discovered’ in soil as we turn into paleontologists!  We hope the children will settle quickly and will have as much fun as we do.

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