February 2020

As a school, we are currently in the process of completely overhauling and re-writing our school curriculum.  The one we currently have in place has been thoroughly interesting and has served us well, but now is a decisive time to move on to something more dynamic and ultimately better for our school.

We want to design and deliver a curriculum that is right for the children at our school.  We do not want to adopt a generic scheme that does not match the needs, interests and abilities of our children.

Over the next half term, we will be working closely together to create new and exciting topics and units to ensure that the children are experiencing a knowledge rich, skills based,  vibrant and dynamic curriculum.



January 2020

Welcome to the spring term for Year 4.  This is going to be an interesting term with lots of exciting experiences.  Our main unit of learning is ‘Roman Britain.’  We will be finding out about the Roman invasion and what it meant for British society at the time, as well as the lasting legacy.  We have a trip booked for the beginning of March, more details to follow! 

In English, we will be reading the text, “I was a Rat” by Philip Pullman as part of our school focus on significant authors.  We will also study a range of poetry and prepare poems for performance.   Also in lessons, we will revisit: structuring paragraphs, varying our sentence structure, where and when to use apostrophes and ensuring that the year 3/4 spellings are secure.  In mathematics, we will be learning about Roman Numerals and extending our knowledge of fractions.  In science, we will be learning about electricity and creating electrical circuits.



November 2019

Year 4 will be starting the second half of the term with the whole school topic about the wars. In year 4 we will be looking at how women were affected by wartime especially focusing on the jobs that they became able to do.  

Following this, we will be returning to our rainforest topic, looking at the causes and effects of deforestation. In our English lessons, we will be debating the reasons for and against deforestation and writing persuasive letters about the use of sustainable palm oil.  

After this exciting opening, we will then be working our way towards Christmas.  During this time, we will be reading A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens and looking at how The Victorians celebrated Christmas.

We have a busy half term!




September 2019

Welcome to Year 4!

This term begins with a three-week unit of learning entitled, ‘Journeys.’  This is a whole school unit, and our focus for journeys is all about World Explorers.  This will lead us into our second unit of learning about rainforests, particularly The Amazon.  We will be reading Journey to the River Sea in our English lessons and in science and geography lessons, we will be looking at habitats, why rainforests are so important to life and (most importantly) how humans have an impact on them.

In mathematics, we will start with revising place value and mental strategies for addition and subtraction.  This year, a national times tables assessment will be introduced for year 4 children, so there will be regular practise of the times tables facts to 12 x 12 and children should be practising these at home daily.

Home learning will be given out on a Monday and needs to be back in school by Friday.  In addition, children should be reading daily (at home) for at least 10 to 15 minutes (y4 minimum is 3 times in a week – parents please record in their reading diaries).  Children should have their reading books in school every day as we have guided reading during Monday to Friday.  

PE lessons in year 4 will be on a Wednesday.


Mrs Beetson


Mrs Hollingworth


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