February 2020

As a school, we are currently in the process of completely overhauling and re-writing our school curriculum.  The one we currently have in place has been thoroughly interesting and has served us well, but now is a decisive time to move on to something more dynamic and ultimately better for our school.

We want to design and deliver a curriculum that is right for the children at our school.  We do not want to adopt a generic scheme that does not match the needs, interests and abilities of our children.

Over the next half term, we will be working closely together to create new and exciting topics and units to ensure that the children are experiencing a knowledge rich, skills based,  vibrant and dynamic curriculum.




January 2020

The children in year 3 thoroughly enjoyed and engaged incredibly well with our Footprints of the Past unit.  They wrote some very informative reports about dinosaurs and learnt how fossils are made.  They also enjoyed a great end to the autumn term by taking part in various festivities including festive fun. 

We are starting off this term by looking at the author Philip Pullman alongside the other year groups. We are focusing on the novel ‘The Firework Maker’s Daughter.’

Following on from this book, we will then be learning about the Stone Age through to the Iron Age.  Year 3 will be creating our own cave paintings and looking at timelines through prehistoric Britain.  The children will also continue looking at the science topic ‘rocks’ which they started towards the end of last term. 

English will be centered around the Firework Maker’s Daughter at the beginning of the term where the children will get the opportunity to take part in role play and plan additional chapters for the story. Furthermore, we will also be looking at the use of inverted commas in direct speech.

Mathematics will have a focus of fractions, forms of measurement and multiplication and division. 

Swimming still remains part of the year 3 curriculum and the children will continue to go until the end of the year. 

Children are still expected to be reading at home at least three times a week, it is great to see that some Year 3s are already free reading!  Spellings and homework will continue to be given out on a Monday and are due back in on the following Friday. 




November 2019

To start off this half term Year 3 will be looking at World War 2 alongside the rest of the school.  We will be considering the implications of rationing and how that differs to meals we would eat today.  Also, we will be considering the use of ‘make do and mend’ by upcycling and repairing old t-shirts.  During English, we will look at the book Bombs and Blackberries by Julia Donaldson.  This dramatic and touching playscript brings the Second War War and its people to life, and provides a variety of opportunities for Year 3 to explore both historical and English topics in an involving and creative setting.

The second unit we will look at will be ‘Footprints from the Past’ where we will be learning about dinosaurs.   We will be learning about the different time periods in which the dinosaurs lived, how to make a timeline and influential fossil hunters from around the world in our history learning.  In geography, we will find out how the Earth used to look millions of years ago and how it has changed over that time.  In science, the children will be learning about different types of rocks and soils. 

In English, we will be using reference books to effectively find information which we can then use to write a report about dinosaurs.  We will also be using our new learning about dinosaurs to write and perform poetry. In mathematics, will be building our skill set and knowledge of multiplication and division.

At the end of the term there will be lots of festivities taking place in year 3 which include a nativity performance and an afternoon of festive fun.





September 2019

Welcome to Year 3 

Miss Lawton and Miss Archer look forward to welcoming the new Year 3s this September as they start their new chapters in Key Stage 2.  We look forward to watching them grow over the upcoming year as we develop on the skills from Key Stage 1 as well as developing new skills also!  We know the children will return with an excellent attitude towards school as they now lead as role models for the younger year groups.

Our first unit of work is entitled ‘Journeys’ and will span across the next three weeks.  Churchfields is looking at this unit as a whole school and year 3 will focus on the book ‘Journey’ By Aaron Becker.  It is a wordless picture book that is brought to life through it's beautiful and detailed illustrations.  The book is designed to spark imagination in children to create their own stories based on the pictures inside.

We will then move on to look at Europe towards the end of this half term. We will look at the countries in Europe, their capitals, famous landmarks and physical features such as rivers, mountains and lakes.   The children will also find out about different languages and cultures around Europe and how they are similar or different to ours. 

We will be linking our work in Literacy to our learning about Europe.  The children will learn about Hans Christian Anderson and compare different fairy tales, learn about Aesops fables and have a go at writing their own story with a moral.  They will be creating travel brochures and write ‘postcards’ from different countries in Europe.

In mathematics, we will develop our skills in place value and addition whilst also answering problem solving questions on these areas.  The children will be prompted to use their home learning time to work on their 2,3,5 and 10 times tables. 

Following on from our ‘Journey’ topic the children will be set the challenge of designing their own boats in teams as well as creating 3d hot air balloons during art.

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