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2M having summer fun in the sun at Trentham Gardens


Ice cream fun at Trentham Gardens


2M have been following a wartime recipe to make carrot cookies. They tasted lovely!


2M were visited by a WWII Air Raid Warden. He knew a lot about the war and could answer all our questions. Thank you Cassidy from year 6!


Key stage 1 sports day went very well


This afternoon, we have been lucky enough to look at some handwritten letters that Miss Nicklin’s great grandad wrote to his wife whilst he was away fighting in WWII. Great Grandad, Joe was also awarded some medals.  We loved looking at the letters and reading them


2M have started their new unit of learning by looking at some historical items.  Our learning will be based on the book The Lion and the Unicorn which is set during WWII



Here we are taking part in the key stage 1 multi-skills sports afternoon


Miss Sale and Mrs Mawdsley took part in the Race For Life at Trentham Gardens in aid of Cancer Research 


Year 2 raised an incredible £160.00 from our cake sale.  2M have bought a handy hand pump for a community, a tap and basin for a midwife and a cool tools toolkit to help maintain the pumps.  We are really pleased that we have helped people in an African country to have clean water 


Jewellery making in 2M



2M working hard at the NSPCC buddy workshop 


Today, we have made paper baseball caps and created our own football stadiums.  We have loved arts week!



Year 2 all ready for the cake sale


A flag of Spain by Keira 


2M have been using different materials to decorate footballs




Year 2 celebrate the end of SATs with an ice cream party. Well done, 2M and 2L


Children have been taking part in their Y2 SATs tests


2M have been investigating sinking and floating using classroom objects as part of their learning about water


For our DT learning this afternoon we created our own water cycles.


2M have started their Water World creative learning with a fantastic art lesson looking at the work of the artist, Monet


We enjoyed the LIVE MUSIC performance by the band from Entrust Music and Performing Arts Service


Pictures from the Easter hat parade


Happy Easter from 2M


2M have taken part in Sport Relief by running a total of 28 miles.....everybody joined in!


2M have had a great afternoon looking for mini-beasts on the muddy school field!


2M have set up an investigation to observe how flowers absorb water


Children in 2M were very excited when they had a special delivery from Buckingham Palace!


Oh no...what's happened to Grandma?


2M and 4L shared favourite books in paired reading


2M loved coming to school dressed as a character from their favourite book.


Celebrating Mother's Day with afternoon tea and craft


This afternoon, we have made our bug hotels for our home learning.  

Over the next half term, we will observe any visitors to our hotels and record what we see


This afternoon, 2M have created their own mini beasts pictures in the style of Matisse


To celebrate World Book Day, today 2M paired up with 4L to share some reading time together.


This week, we have been learning about halving and doubling in mathematics, as well as fractions and ordering mixed numbers.


2M have enjoyed learning about people from the past.  Today, we all came into school dressed as a person who we have researched for our home learning.  Our parents came and watched our People of the Past party!


2M have been investigating how to use different kitchen ingredients to make a fizzy, foaming potion just like George did to make his marvellous medicine.


Look at all our Stoke City supporters


This week we have been learning about Sir Stanley Matthews CBE.  We created our own football pitches with each player having a fact about Stanley Matthews in their shirt.  Can you spot the Stoke City FC players?


This week, 2M have been learning about Stoke on Trent being known as The Potteries and we have looked at the work of Clarice Cliff.  

This afternoon we have created our own mosaic designs


After learning about Mozart during the week, 2M spent the afternoon making their own instruments!


As part of their learning about Queen Elizabeth II, 2M created a pop art picture of the Queen.  

Here is Macey's, Katelyn's and Scarlett's artwork.


This week, 2M have been learning about Queen Elizabeth II.  

We have written letters to the Queen asking her questions about her life.  We hope we get a reply!


This week, 2M have been learning about Elizabeth I.  This afternoon we created a Tudor Rose using different materials.


We performed our key stage one nativity


2M had a great time with their parents and grandparents at our festive fun afternoon.


A photo of 2M wearing our festive clothes.  Happy Christmas!


As part of our learning about people of the past, we have looked at the life of Buzz Aldrin.  In our art lesson, we recreated the patterns of the different planets and learned a rhyme to remember the order of them!  In our Design and Technology lesson, we created our own space ship porthole.  Can you spot any aliens?


2M had a great reward afternoon celebrating their efforts to stay on green each week!


This afternoon, 2M started their ERIC time (everyone reading in class).  We all enjoyed reading our books quietly.


2M had a fantastic time at Quarry Bank Mill.  The children took part in a textiles workshop and investigated how to card wool and spin and weave thread.  The children all lived up to the school motto and were the best that they could be.  An excellent day out.


Look at our work on weaving


As part of their learning about clothing, 2M have made their own accessories to wear for their fashion show.  The children made their own paper beads and threaded them to make a necklace.


2M have enjoyed their science afternoon investigating the properties of different materials to find out which were waterproof.


2M have spent the afternoon making their toys an outfit.  They followed their designs from yesterday and used a range of materials to create their outfits.  The children worked really well together, helping each other and sharing resources.  They even worked together to clear up the mess afterwards!


2M have spent the afternoon using different materials to create a mini me.

This starts our creative learning about clothes



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