November 2018

2M had a great first half term learning about different clothes which finished with a fantastic fashion show.  We have put some photos on the school webpage under 2M class blog.

Our creative learning for next half term will be all about ‘People of the Past’ where we will be finding out about different people who we remember for special reasons.  We will start this learning by looking at the facts about Guy Fawkes, linking in with Bonfire night safety.

In history we’ll be exploring the decisions that rulers had to make in the past as well as comparing an explorer from the past with a modern-day explorer.  We will be finding out about important inventors and their inventions and comparing what life was like at different times in the past. We will also be looking at famous local people including some well known potters.

In art we’ll be exploring portraits of famous people from the past and painting a scene in the style of a famous artist. 

Our Literacy will be linked with our creative learning as we will be finding out and writing about the lives of different people.  During the half term children will be reading, researching, writing, illustrating, working on their own and working in groups.  We will also be learning about particular authors and the books that they have written.  Our mathematics learning will continue to focus on applying our knowledge of 2, 3, 5 and 10 times tables as well as using addition and subtraction facts to solve practical problems.

During this half term, we will also be busy with Christmas events and our Nativity play.  We therefore plan to continue learning about People of the Past for the first half term after Christmas when we will also be setting slightly different homework to link in with our exit point.  Further details will follow nearer the time!

This is always a busy half term so please read the school newsletter for upcoming events and dates.



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September 2018

This year in 2M, the children will be learning with Mrs Mawdsley, Mrs Bossons and Miss Goodwin.

Our first unit of the year will be All Dressed Up, where we will be finding out about different clothes.  We look forward to starting this unit by bringing in a toy each and designing and making a party outfit for them using different fabrics.  In our geography learning, we will be finding out what people wear in different countries, what the climate is like in different parts of the world and how the weather affects what people wear.  In science, we will be finding out how we can sort materials, how to carry out a scientific investigation and which materials will keep us warm or dry. Our Literacy learning will be linked with this theme as we will design a suitable new cape for Little Red Riding Hood as well as writing a new scene for a smart giant! We will also use our creative work as a basis for exploring stories involving clothes including Cinderella and Traction Man.

In technology, we will be finding out how wool is made and how to weave using a cardboard ‘loom’.  We will be exploring felt, how it is made and about different methods of fastening clothes.  We hope to extend our learning in this area when we visit Quarry Mill and try our hand at weaving when we take part in a textiles workshop.  In art, we will be busy finding out how to create our own tartan design and about symmetry in design and how to make repeating patterns.  We will design and decorate our own t-shirts and will follow up our design making using a range of different materials.  We hope to show all our designs off in our own fashion show at the end of the half term!

We look forward to a busy and hard working half term.

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